Sunday, October 6, 2013

16 Days to Fit

Well, I missed yesterday! Not surprising. It was a big football day and I drank ALOT. I didn't count calories at all so I'm no teen sure what the damage was. I did go to spin class in the am to try to mitigate, and I was relatively good today, including fitting in a 3 mile run. I haven't done calories today either, which I'm annoyed with myself about. 

I have low expectations for stepping up I'm the scale tomorrow. This week wasn't BAD but I wasn't in the zone like week 1.  I expect to be around 146 on Tuesday. I'm going to try 1400 calories per day and 2600 calories burned per week. I know I got burnt out I'm week one doing this but I was also way more in track. We will see... If I need to dial it back, I can dial the food back as well. Most important thing is NO CHOCOLATE AT WORK. 

Kitty, we made up and everything is fine. His apology was sort of a nonapology, but like you said, boys are stupid :P

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