Monday, October 7, 2013

15 Days to Fit

I worked late tonight and didn't make it to the gym.  Not the best way to start off my "I'm getting back into the swing of things" week. I had an interview with  another company today... A big box store that sells home improvement supplies. I don't even want to explain what it is, because I don't want it. It doesn't have a lot of growth potential, so I think I'm going to  move back into the tax practice in my current firm. 

In other news, I purged tonight when I got home. I ate guacamole and hummus with tortilla chips, even though I already ate dinner. I just had to eat it, for no reason! I hate that about me. I know purging isn't good for me, I guess I felt like it was the only option. How do I stop these mini binges? I need to keep busy when I get home so I font feel the urge to eat. Even though my house is filled with delicious fruits, I still eat the junk. 

Boo. Nnpit happy today I guess

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