Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So... A new job starting today which means lots of traveling... And hopefully lots of stories about my airport exercises and my hotel room yoga! I'm in Boston this week, and I've done Insanity for the last two days. Well, let me tell you... it is insane. Dripping in sweat in a tiny corner of my tiny room... But I'm doing it so that's what matters. I think the next few months will test me, and I definitely hope I win. A lot of traveling means a lot of time sitting, being exhausted with time changes, and working extra hours. On the plus side, when I'm by myself I don't have to eat. I don't have to go to the boyfriends house after work instead of hitting the gym. I guess I just need to have that willpower. I'm with a big team so we've gone to dinner both nights this week...and I haven't opted for salads. I hate to admit this, but I've purged after I got back both nights. I guess if I can't admit it here... Who do I tell? I'd rather have the willpower and not the afterthought purge. Time will tell!!!


  1. I envy your new job.. Traveling - being able to hop from airport to airport.. It sounds amazing.

    I think the best way to deal with a job like this is to have a plan. If you know where you will be having the group meals try to go online and check their menus before you get there. Plan your meals. that way it is easier to stay strong.. Lets face it - purging sucks.. so don't let that get in the way of you enjoying your new job.

    Gl with everything :) looking forward to read more about your travels :)

  2. Good luck with the new job. It sounds exciting!


  3. Congrats on a new job! Traveling seems so exciting but I definitely can see how exhausting that would be. Good for you for getting exercise in still. BTW-nothing weird whatsoever about seeing me as a close friend. It totally made me smile when I read that. So many of our true thoughts are here so even though we never met; it still feels like we have for some reason. : )

  4. Congrats! & kudos to your exercise !

  5. I hear you on traveling, it's hard sticking to a consistent schedule when you're all over the place, tired and have limited control over what you eat.

    Hope some of your hotels have a gym and if you pack a skipping rope you can fit in some short but intense cardio sessions (when you need a break drink sanity or on days you only have a few minutes of spare time)

    Congrats on the new job.