Sunday, July 8, 2012

So I was wondering what my body fat percentage, and i looked up a few body fat calculators online.  They called for my waist measurement, and so I typed in 25.  And then I thought... hmmm, I should measure, its been a while since I did.  TWENTY SEVEN!  NOT 25!  See... this is my problem!  I can't see myself growing.  I found a blog post where I was a 25 waist and a 37 hip... in February of 2008!  Haha.  Now, 27 waist and 39 hip.  I weighed 137 in 2008, and now I'm closer to 147.  I find my craziness interesting.  I know I've gained weight since college, but why in the world would I think I haven't increased in size?  I am going to post my inches currently as soon as I can, but here are my inches from before.  I think this will be my goal

     Chest: 32
     Waist: 26.5
     Hips: 37
     Calves: 15.5
     Upper Arms: 11
     Forearms: 9.5

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