Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Calorie counting is going relatively well. I'm definitely losing weight but it is really slow. Do you ever wish you could have a redo? Like... If the gods just put me back at 124. I would never screw it up. I would cherish it an make sure I never gained the weight again. But that's probably not true... Bc if I truly felt like that I would be losing weight quickly. I was at the airport last Friday and was behind the smallest girl in the world. She was real life thinspo. I was so jealous and it really made me want that. I'm going to count calories every day... Even on the weekends. And go to the gym!
Also, I have been stalking this woman in the Junior League. She is absolutely beautiful, and last year we were both provisional advisors... I never actually talked to her, but I couldn't stop staring at her ring... The size of an ice skating rink. She wasn't at the advisor meeting last night, so I looked up her new placement and she is a district advisor. That means she will host meetings at her house. Jealousy really wants to transfer into her district so I can see it. Always wanting the things I don't have :)


  1. I'm the same way. If I could go to my senior in high school self I would tell her to cherish weighing 125 and avoid pizza, pasta, and vodka at all costs. Because of course I thought i wouldn't be one of those people who gained the freshman 25+.

  2. I feel the exact same way, why is there no redo in real life?

  3. Oh you know me...always wanting what I don't have too! As for the re do. I've thought the exact same thing. Like, I promise I won't mess it up this time!! Glad you are losing.