Thursday, July 26, 2012

So frustrated with myself... Last night I had a mini binge. We got out salary increase amounts for the coming year and I wa not very happy with mine. I then decided to have tons of candy, and a rice krispee treat. Yum. I decided that was it for the day. I hit my calories and I ate things I shouldn't have... Which was my fault. I went to the gym after work (Zumba... Hard!!!) wand I came home with the best intentions.... And then proceeded to have a huge pasta dish. Needless to say, with the pasta sitting in my belly this morning, I didn't see another weight loss on the scale :(

Going to see dark knight with boyfriends tonight!! Ive convinced him we are getting salad before hand, not tin drum!!!

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  1. I always say thank God for new days. Just put the mini binge behind you.. Shit happenes but as long as you get back on track it will be OK.

    We are afterall only humans.

    enjoy the movies :)