Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quick update:

well, i'm back above 140.  I'm not surprised.  I didn't binge on the cruise, but I wasn't exercising every day, and I wasn't eating as healthily as I could have been (read: frozen yogurt in abundance).  I've been keeping up with my running and am happy to say that I've completed all runs without fail... stopping for 15 seconds here or there to catch my breath and have some water, but I don't really count that.  I just finished the first run of week six-- an interval run totaling 18 minutes.  I had run for 20 minute straight on Saturday, so I knew I could do it, which makes it a lot easier.  The end of this week is 25 minutes straight.  Eeek.  I'm seeing the guy I work with still, and as we get closer, I'm finding less and less time to exercise... and more and more reasons to eat.  This weekend he brought 2 dozen donuts into this house.  I ate 2 that day... he ate 6.  How does that work!?  I think I have a marginally better body than he does... but really just my stomach.  His isn't big, and if he exercised or ate healthy for like 3 minutes, he would be rock hard.... but instead he has the luxury of eating donuts whenever he wants.

I think I need to bump up my cardio a little bit... all I've been doing is running, which is great, but it doesn't fulfill me like spin class does.  I guess I feel exhausted after a run that I am really just thinking about resting until my next run.    Yesterday I did my run and then went to a weight class... OUCH.  The warm up was probably the hardest part.. she had everyone jumping up and down  and I was already sweating bullets.

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