Monday, May 9, 2011

I ran my first 5k this weekend in Atlanta.  I almost can't believe that I actually did it.  It definitely seems surreal that 7 week ago I was running 1 minute intervals because that is all I can do, and on Sunday I ran (most of) a 5k.  I wore a watch and completed the race in a little over 36 minutes.  That is less than a 12 minute mile... which, for most isn't impressive... but for ME, considering I walked much of the uphills... I just am thrilled.  I ran by myself, which wasn't really the plan, but it was nice.  My adrenaline was still pumping and I got to do a lot of thinking about the things that bother me... weight, male companions, work.  After the race I thought "well, I'm already sweaty and tired, so I might as well go to the gym and do weights."  I worked my legs to death, and did a little bit of chest.  On Sunday I took a yoga class, and had a 20 minute walk in my neighborhood.  I'm feeling exhausted this morning and not looking forward to work... but oh well.


  1. Good job on the 5k! You've come so far over the past 7 weeks in regards to running, be proud:)
    Do you like running yet? Lol

    And do elaborate on these male companion stories.

    Work.. Blah. To be independently wealthy...

  2. Awesome! Huge accomplishment. And all tha working out afterwards. Oh boy. You are a machine!

  3. Congrats on the 5K. I always liked running alone because I could keep a pace that was comfortable for me and it was kind of like my "me" time...