Friday, May 27, 2011

Have i filled you in on my running in a while?  I did... i told you I took that week off.  Well I'm back at it, and I'm running 25 minutes right now.  When I say running.. I don't mean 8 minute miles... or 10 minute miles!  More like 12 minute miles... so I'm running about 2 miles during my run.  A vast improvement from the 90 seconds at a time I was able to run before.  And I am THINNNNNNN.  I don't know why.  It's got to be the running.  My hips have totally slimmed out.  I mean... thin for me.  I'm still above 140.  143 this morning actually... but its a noticeable difference with how my clothes are fitting/not fitting.  The jeans I am wearing right now are comfortably fitting and when I bought them I had to hang them up for motivation to be able to fit into them.  That is a great feeling.  Harlow... I still don't love it.  But I definitely don't hate it anymore :)
I've also gotten rid of the men in my life.  They were causing stress, and although I really liked them.. I just don't need to be stressed.  I want to fall in love and live happily ever after.. but I have time.


  1. you should post your measurements. they always make me feel better even if the scale isnt moving much :)

  2. oh my god, the inspiration jean becoming your wearable jean is the best thing i've ever heard! well done!!!

  3. K, I started the 5k training because of your posts on it, and now I'm super into it. I'm on the end of week 5. 20 minutes of running straight tomorrow!!! I hope I can do it... Thanks so much for the motivation! I hope I lose some inches from it - God knows, I need to!