Wednesday, April 27, 2011

returning from vacation and seeing some supportive comments was wonderful!!!  The cruise was very nice.  I was with my mother.... and we don't have the best relationship (because she is an annoying psychopath), but we managed pretty well.  I was still not drinking for lent during the cruise so I didn't have a drink until the last day we were there... and I'm glad.  It may not have been as much "fun" but it was much more relaxing, and saved me plenty of calories that I spend on food (sadly).  I weighed myself when I got home the morning after a large dinner and I'm up to 144.  Not exactly thrilled about it, but I'm also not surprised.  I only ran 1 day during the cruise, and I made up the other run Monday when I got back to land.  This morning I ran 2 sets of 8 minutes.  I stopped for 30 seconds half way through each run to catch my breath.... probably not what I'm meant to do.  On Friday or Saturday, I have to run 20 minutes!!! STRAIGHT! AHHHHH.  I need to get out of the habit of saying "have to" and "need to."  I WANT to do this.  I WANT to be able to run a 5k, and eventually be able to run a 10k... and just think... I never thought I could run for 8 minutes straight in my life, and now I can.  And hopefully soon 20 minutes will seem like a breeze.

Lots to catch up on at work.... seems like it's never ending.

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