Saturday, September 11, 2010

Went to spin class this morning to banish some of the bad from yesterday.
I like Piglets daily food goal and how she actually sticks to it... but I'm afraid if I try something like that I will fail.   Senior year of college I marked my food down for a solid 2-3 months before spring break to get down in weight.. it definitely worked! I did measurements and everything... i wish I had that drive now!
What I really want is a diet plan.  Something to stick to.  Something where I can go to the grocery store with a list of things to buy, prepare them, and eat exactly what I had planned to eat the entire week.
Busy season is coming to an end.. I'm taking off the 16th and 17th from work just to relax.  Going to get up a massage, nails done, etc.  My treat for working so hard.  And maybe by the time the stress is gone, I won't feel compelled to shove food in my face?

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  1. Keeping the food goal def. does work for me, but only because I make myself post it all on blogger! It gives me extra motivation to stay on track when I know that all of my followers will be seeing how good/bad I do every day. My calorie goals are much higher than most of the people I follow or follow me, but I'm attempting to be healthy this time. I even put the disclaimer on my blog so people will know that I usually do not hard core restrict anymore. I'm actually really surprised that I haven't lost many followers after putting up that disclaimer.

    I was actually really really really close to binging last night, but what stopped me was knowing that today is my stats update and I couldn't bear putting a huge food weight number on my blog again! Also having to admit that I'd binged again...horrible! So I resisted and I'm pleased and motivated once again.

    So, I think you should try setting goals and put them here! It really does help having other eyes viewing your daily intakes and exercise and weights.

    BTW, you seem soooo busy lately. I don't mind that you are just catching with my blog...not at all!! I'm just glad you're still posting!!