Monday, September 13, 2010

Should have stayed away from the cheese after lunch.  Only a few bites, but not worth it. Also with the almonds.  Think my deskmate ate the rest though, luckily for me.  Had planned to work out today but it didn't happen.  Had to stay at work until 8pm and then headed straight over to my friend's.  Ate dinner at her house instead of my planned soup, but I think I still did pretty decently.  Shouldn't have had the glass of wine.  At first I said no, but for some reason I changed my mind.
I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 9am.  I could possibly go to the gym before then and work out.  Is it worth it?  I'm pretty tired.

Planned Calories: 1140
Actual Calories: 1450


Smoothie 210
Almonds 160
Coffee 150
Cheese 100
Fruit 100
Buffalo Chk'n 360
EggRoll 140
Wine 150

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