Monday, September 27, 2010

i ate 1620 cals today.  my trainer had me buy healthy food--- chicken for dinner, egg whites and turkey bacon for breakfast.. and she wants me to do salad for lunch but i can't.  I said, I can do lean cuisines or lean pockets... and she basically yelled at me about sodium!  I said.. oh well.. I'm doing my best... one step at a time right?  I meant to eat a lean cuisine today but we had a "lunch and learn"... sandwiches and gross cookies.  I ate a sandwich but really I just ate the meat.. and like, possibly a slice of bread.  She told me that I should be having sandwiches with a tiny bit of bread or wrap... so I thought this was a perfect option.  They also had baked lays, and cookies... UGH.  But you know, I had a net -500 calories today (at least)... I went spinning and I had my PT.  I wonder how many calories I burn in 30 minutes of training.  We're constantly moving.. but I say its probably only 100/session.  Any ideas?

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