Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So, for the past week i have analyzed my food meticulously like Piglet said she does.. I haven't been putting it on here because I've been participating in a "deficit competition" which keeps me pretty accountable.  Sadly.. I have realized that while I do eat healthy food... I eat too much of it.
Yesterday I had:
Zone bar
Hummus and Carrots
Lean Pocket
Rice Snacks
Total Calories: about 1700.  I burn what... about 1600?? and I had a 30 minute training session that burned about 100.  So... after I did my calculation, I had a net deficit of 66 measly calories!
It's no wonder that in a solid week, I have only a deficit of 3,050... not even a pound!

Moral of the story... I might be making healthy choices, but I'm eating too much.  Was at 1400 before I snacked on the rice cakes and had a glass of wine.  I want to aim to have a deficit of at least 500 calories/day.  That means either cutting my food down to 1100 calories or exercising more.  I know today I wont exercise (could have this morning if I had gotten my butt out of bed) because I have a date, so I guess that means low calorie food!
How about I go to subway for lunch.  6" Turkey Bread on Whole Grain with sweet onion sauce and no cheese (320).  Carrots (200).  Watermelon (100). Coffee (80).  Powerade (0). Gum (10).
610 before dinner with my date.  If I stick to 2 glasses of wine (300) and a small something, I'll be okay!


  1. Keeping track of everything you eat really does help. I'm glad it's "working" for you. (meaning now you know where you need to make changes.) Knowing all the numbers is like an obsession or a game that I'm always trying to win (aka, losing weight!)

    Good luck on your date!!!!!

  2. yay for a date!! hope all goes well!

    I think you deserve 'bulletproof' more than anything, no matter what the number on the scale is. I hope you do it sooner rather than later.

  3. Okay, I was completely lost when I read your comment on my last post Hun. Thank you for reading thou, and I'm glad you enjoy it.