Wednesday, August 4, 2010

where did i lose myself?
i just... am not here anymore.
i don't even try.  i obsess, i complain, but i don't try!!!
i need someone to write me a diet or something.  but how is it possible when i travel all the time?  what i need to do is get salads at every meal with dressing on the side.  but when i go out on someone else's dime... i feel entitled to eat greasy disgusting food.  Like... if I don't, I am not getting my full $$s worth.  Even though it's not my money.  I don't know why-- seriously that makes about as little sense as possible.
Going to VA all of next week, and flying straight into CO from there.  So much for trying to lose weight before my trip. Ahh I had so many dreams of being tight and toned when I saw him.
But alas... I may be stronger, but I am certainly not thinner.
Life is awesome....

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  1. make salads at home and bring them with you .. i know what you mean about the money thing, i often leave still hungry but having payed a lot.. i guess it's the price we pay for wanting to be skinny