Monday, August 30, 2010

had a decent weekend foodwise.  I think I ate a little too much on Saturday... well, at least too many carbs.. but yesterday I did well.  I enjoyed my spin class Saturday morning, and had planned to go Sunday morning as well, but I just couldn't.
Last night for dinner I had 2 vodka sodas and a sandwich.  Hahaha that's what my job has forced me to.
I plan on going to body works tonight. and I plan on changing trainers after Sept 15th.  I don't like any of the trainers at my gym except for the girl I have now.. I've talked about her... and so I plan on going to a different LA fitness and scoping it out.  I have some names of trainers who I might be interested in, but first I want to see what they are like when they train.... I am so picky! But hey, I pay for it.

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  1. It's your money, and you're paying for a professional. Sounds like this girl views training as a hobby, not a job.