Friday, August 27, 2010

the stress is getting to me and causing me to make bad decisions.
i basically ate an entire house yesterday.
my waffles and yogurt
my sandwich
moes burrito in a bowl
gummy bears galore

I wasn't hungry but I couldn't stop shoveling food into my face!  Well, today is a new day.  I'm supposed to have personal training this morning but my trainer just... ignores me and then when I ask about it she's like "ohh, yeah I'm not working friday."  it's annoying and I would switch but there is only one other female trainer and I just don't like her style.  Maybe I should try training at a different gym... yep, in all my free time.
Today i have to go back to the town where my college is for a recruiting event.  I think its funny that this is a mandatory event, when working 60+ hrs a week is also mandatory.  What do you expect me to do!?  My plan, even though I know I shouldn't, is to skip breakfast.  And then we're getting lunch catered,and I'm considering bringing a tupperware and getting some and saving it.  It's hard to pass up free food for some reason,

The girl I work with who is also disordered with eating is not really helping the cause.  We went on a walk Sunday and made this grand plan of eating healthy, recording it, etc etc.  Then she comes over to my desk with cake, etc, and sits down at the desk next to me and eat's my coworkers nuts... its not very healthy at all.. she says one thing and does another.. but I guess thats what I did too right?

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