Monday, August 23, 2010

thanks for the comments regarding Colorado.  Its sad... before I went to visit him, I sort of knew things were going to be weird.. I was seeing other people (NOT sleeping with them).. and I didn't have a lot of hope for the future of the relationship.  Now though... now that he's completely screwed me, I feel more in love than ever.  I guess it's just pain talking.

I decided I need to focus on myself.  I've been at the gym a good bit recently, but I haven't been taking care of my body by putting in healthy foods.  The stress of work has been getting to me, and I need to not let that happen.  I've decided to plan my meals ahead of time.  What I eat isn't exactly "HEALTHY" because of the high stress lifestyle I lead, I can't cook all the time... but I'm counting rounded calories and sticking to a plan, so, there you go.

Today-  oatmeal, coffee, lean cuisine, grapes, waffle yogurt, wine (1300).  Exercise (300).

Blogging was a great stress relief and I need to pick it up again!  It's good to see that Reese and RayRay are back... I enjoy reading their blogs, and the new kids will too!

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