Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm disappointed that he hasn't called or texted for 3 days.  Wow... I shouldn't be huh?  Easier said than done.  At least I haven't sent him that text that says "I assume you're seeing other people since you aren't talking to me" or something equally as passive.  Not that I have much time to talk... but you girl know, you want what you can't have.
Food today will be:
Waffles and Yogurt: 300
Gummy Bears: 150
Grapes: 150
Sandwich: 300
Oatmeal: 110
Soup: 200
Fritos: 200

Not exactly healthy all the way around... but I've got healthy avocado in the sandwich and soup, and gummy bears are fat free!
Work is just killing me.  Like I am literally dying!

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