Friday, September 27, 2013

25 Days to Fit

This is going to have to be a very fast blog, because it's almost midnight and I need to get to bed!

I had a recruiting dinner for my firm this evening in Athens, GA, which is about 90 miles away from Atlanta.  I love going back to Athens because it's where I went to school, but the drive after a day of work is just no fun!

I worked from home today because of the recruiting event and because I had a dentist appointment this morning.  I didn't get to go walking/running on my lunch, but i did walk to and from the dentist, which is almost a mile and a half total.

Food today was:
Breakfast: Special K Drink (I am out of these now!)
Snack: Cafe Misto
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Chow Mein, chewy granola bar
Snack: Tortilla Chips and Salsa, Pear
Dinner: Balance Bar
Snack: Mixed Nuts

Total calories: 1260

Calories left to eat this week: 4,675 (1,550 on averaged this weekend)
Calories left to burn: 1,247 (415 on average this this weekend)

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