Monday, April 4, 2011

ok quick update.

Good news:  I've been keeping up with the running.  Shocker, I know.  I've finished the 1st run in "week 2".  I mean, when I read Harlow's blog about how she runs 14 miles at a time, my nine minutes seems a little weak, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere right?  I am determined to keep this up.  I don't think my partner will.. but she is a few weeks ahead of me so I guess if she falls behind then that wont be so bad.  She needs this WAY more than I do.  A big girl.... but hey, if she can run more than me, then she must be doing something right!
More good news:  I had gained a bit of weight at the end of busy season, but I've finally lost it.  This morning I weighed in at 142.2.  I want to be 139 by the cruise on April 21st.  I think I can do it... if I actually stick to exercise and eating right. NO MORE HOT CHOCOLATE!
Boy news (good or bad):  Boy number 1 is SUPPPERRRR hot.  Too bad we work together... and so we're not telling anyone we work with.  And then when we were at a work event at a bar he got drunk and somehow got it into his head that I slept with a stripper.  I didn't.  But he was SOOOO angry that the entire night I had to watch him dance with another coworker... like grinding and all that.  It was super immature of him. But I wasn't drinking so I handled it well I guess.  And 2 other coworkers asked for my numbers... so at least I know there is nothing wrong with me.  To clarify... as an accountant, you are either Audit or Tax.  I am Tax.  The guys I am talking about work in Auditing.  So they are my "coworkers" but we NEVER see each other, we occasionally have the same clients and have to chat about it, but its rare..  so not really any worries there about interoffice interference.
 Anyway... Boy 1 doesn't want a relationship... just sex.  But the kind of sex where we still go on dates, cook breakfast together, and talk on the phone.  So I don't really know what that means.  A little confused actually.  And I want to be a needy girl and say that's not okay with me.. But the truth is that if he wanted to be my boyfriend, then I couldnt talk to boy (man) number 2, and I probably wouldn't like that type of commitment.
Man 2 (he's older) still hasn't touched me.  No kissing, hand holding, or anything, but we've gone out 4 times... with a few opportunities.  I finally texted him and asked him if he was not interested in me romantically, and his response was "it has been killing me not to touch you, i find you very sexy and i am definitely interested in you."  Ummmmm so I don't exactly know how to handle that.  And he also takes me to insanely high class restaurants without telling me where we're going.. so I am wearing flip flops and jeans and look entirely stupid.  Oh well.

Bad News:  I put a wet towel on the towel rack to dry not thinking that it would drip all over my scale.  Yesterday the scale kept giving me an error message, and today it gave me the 142.2.  Can I trust this??  I should probably go weigh in at the gym tomorrow morning.

Yesterday before my run we had a "Katball birthday bash" (b/c my name is Kat, and my bff's name is Kat).  It was a lot of fun being a kid, and I'm a sore in my hips which is always nice.
I'm in the pink shorts... look at how large my legs look!!  At least I have a little middle.  I'll take what I can get right??

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