Thursday, April 7, 2011

nothing new to report.  Week 2 of my running program... doing ok!!! I have plans to run again tomorrow morning.  I've been going to the gym with a friend and that makes it a lot easier.  When I go alone, I tend to run slower, breathe harder.  And I listen to this podcast that tells me when to run and walk.. I think she doesn't do a very good job of keeping the time.  I assume when she's talking that doesn't count as time... so I'm probably walking a lot more.

Gosh I just don't have the energy to continue this post... I need to get ready for work :(

Have a good day ladies

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  1. week 2 of your running program? FUCK YEAH! I know how much you hate it so I'm PROUD!

    I love going to the gym with a friend too, it really does make things easier. Sucky for me the friends that still live here don't work out. ever. and don't care to start!

    ~ H