Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Ummm I am 138. I have about 4 hours left in my juice fast befor I eat... Obviously I am insanely thrilled. I made 2 gallons of this juice stuff but I only manages to get through one. Maybe it's because I started At noon on Sunday and didn't really feel the need to eat for most of the day so I only got through a little juice.

Later.... When I was at the doctor this morning I weighed in at 139. The nurse said I was 11 lbs down since last April. Pretty awesome. That is measurable progress. A lot of my pants dont fit me anymore and I went shopping this weekend and bought a size 2 dress- not all that impressive considering it was Macy's Womens section. But when I went to old navy I picked up some size 6 khakis. They were a little big when I tried them on but I just dOnt FEEL like a 4. Big mistake because today they are swimming on me. Oh well... They were on sale. I ate salad and curried rice for lunch as well as carrot and a granola bar and sone oatmeal later in the day. When i got home from work I was 139.6. Still under my goal, so I'm not complaining. I know a lot of the loss was water weight.


  1. *WOOOOOHOOOOO* congratulations K. You can credit the juice, but I'm going to credit the running ;)

  2. CONGRATS! You've been working so hard and You've been doing it the healthy way. It gives me hope that I can too.