Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i think it's amazing how facebook can be so time consuming.  i sat down to write a blog post like 15 minutes ago... but instead i've been surfing through old pictures of myself.  i kept thinking "wow, if only i had known how skinny i was instead of being obsessed with getting smaller."  don't you think it's interesting that i've been obsessed with getting smaller for going on a decade and yet... i've only gotten bigger!
i think what i need to do is start counting calories again.  i dont exactly know why i stopped.  its a hassle i guess.. it takes a while to do and you either have to do it throughout the day, or you have to try and remember every morsel you put into your mouth that day.  i guess ideally you really wouldnt be putting morsels of anything in your mouth right??  giving up alcohol for lent hasn't been the struggle i thought it would be... probably because i am replacing my cravings with hot chocolate.  i have found that the coffee machine at the client i'm currently working on has this crazy 'chocochino' setting... which is basically milk and hot chocolate and goodness all wrapped in one.  i'm probably having 3 a day.  300 calories... in hot chocolate.  what an idiot.  i vow not to have any today.

in other news, i signed up to run a 10k on July 4th.  soooo i'm doing that couch to 5k program... and this time i don't plan on quitting!  2 sessions down... who knew i'm so out of shape??  i know i say this every time... how can i do a 60 minute spin class but not be able to run for 1 minute and walk for 90 seconds 8 times in a row?  i am running 10 minute mile pace... is that slow? average?  i know its not fast... i just want to know if maybe i should try to speed it up or slow it down for this type of training.

i have other court related drama... but i'll save that for another time.


  1. I'm loving hot choco too right now. The ff packets are only 25 cals! FB can be so addicting and I agree with you. We need to enjoy our skinny success. Otherwise what's the point? Good luck with the running training.

  2. I love any drink with chocolate in it! But they are always so high calorie :(
    Counting calories can be hard for me. I even downloaded one of those apps on my phone to enter my calories as I eat them but I still find an excuse to do it later and then it doesn't get done. I can estimate how many calories are in a meal but it's all the little handful of snacks i eat here and there that get me.

    C5K program is great for beginning runners! I used a similar program thru Nike plus when I ran my first 5k last year. I think a 10 min pace is great! Just run a pace that feels comfortable to you and not worry about how fast or slow. I know that's what helped me when I first started running.

  3. What I've learned about running is that the pace doesn't really matter as long as you are actually doing it! I guess if you are a really competitive runner, then the pace can matter, but if you're just doing it for fitness and/or for fun, then just do what feels right for your body! You're burning those calories and that's what matters, right?


  4. Hey baby! I've missed you, too.