Thursday, December 23, 2010

nothing new to report.  i don't feel well.  there is something wrong with me.  i have a doctor's appointment this morning, and hopefully he can tell me what's up.  but i haven't wanted to blog because literally nothing has been happening.  working a lot.... exercising a little... trying to keep a deficit.  Yesterday was a big fat fail, but oh well.  I decided not to even record it because it would just depress me to find out how bad it was.  maybe i'm feeling ill because of the shit i ate yesterday... or maybe because i'm afraid of what the doctor will tell me.  all in all, my other days have been pretty good though.  as i wind down 2010, i'm pretty happy with the way things have turned out.

i'll be getting my tattoo on sunday-- one year from the date of the incident, one year from the date i decided i could do it on my own.  it is very fitting.  i'll definitely upload a picture for y'all.


  1. Good luck with the tattoo appointment. Even though the weight loss has been as struggle, just remember how much you're life has improved over this year. You've come so far and you should be really proud!

  2. I hope everything with the dr goes well.

    A tattoo to commemorate your new life, can't wait to see it. Over the last year your writing/posts seem so much happier/positive despite all the frustrations that go hand in ahnd with trying to lose weight. You made the right decision.

    Merry christmas, and I apologize it too so long to say this; but thank you for your sweet comment on my post. Its nice to know that someone actually enjoys my writing.

    ~ Harlow