Thursday, December 2, 2010

i was at 1300 calories after dinner.  SO good.  I was so balanced, and healthy!!!  then i ate pringles... half a tin.  I should never have bought them.  They weren't even that good.  I purged.  UGH.  I promised to never do it again... I SUCK.  Seriously... I PROMISED.  I feel so bad about myself right now, because I can't even keep a promise to myself.

I want to just throw the rest away... can I waste $$ like that?


  1. That gets me sometimes too, the guilt of throwing food away when so many children around the world are starving for it.

    But if I wouldn't feed a starving child junk food, it goes without saying that I shouldn't (shouldn't and won't aren't the same thing, sadly) eat it myself. (Balanced nutritious food is a different ballgame.)


  2. Hi K,

    Yes, just throw them away. Money spent on junk food (not to be confused with delicious, indulgence food like dessert at a fancy french restaurant) is always wasted money . I just think of it as double-wasted when I waste a good day of eating or exercise by eating junk.

    It's just a couple of dollars, right? I think of it as the price of happiness of knowing that I won't be able to binge (or purge again in your situation) well worth a couple of dollars. I feel like you'd been doing really well with not purging. Just throw them out so you don't feel tempted or reminded of slipping up.