Monday, December 6, 2010

I read in Women's Health that an average woman needs about 420 minutes of moderate exercise every week to maintain her weight without changing her diet.  That is 60 minutes of exercise every day.  And I guess that means if you aren't exercising on one day, you need to be cutting calories big time that day.

Last night I went to a Hanukkah party... it was super fun but they had lots of delicious food which I participated in eating.

Today I am having a tall glass of milk for breakfast, a lean cuisine for lunch, an apple and a pear.  Not sure about dinner.  Have a happy hour at 6:30 planned for my volunteer organization but there is no way I can go if work is crazy, and if I want to exercise, and if I want to NOT stuff my face.  Sucks to skip events in the name of health.. but, sometimes you have to do it!

On another note-- rant:  I am white.  The guy I am dating is black.  None of my friends seem to care.  My parents don't care.  I'm pretty sure his parents don't care (although I wouldn't really know as we are JUST dating...)  Apparently friends he's known his whole life have been calling him up  to bitch about face book pictures of him and me.  They aren't even romantic pictures.. we're literally just sitting next to each other.  Some of his black friends have said to him something along the lines of "I can't believe you would date someone below your standards" and "why would you date her when you can date a black woman."  I realize that this is not a personal attack, it is based on my skin color and not my soul.. but it still hurts my feelings.  It's like reverse racism!  Oh well.. I think he's handling it well... telling these individuals that he has no plans to associate with them any longer because they are obviously not the type of friends he wants in his life.


  1. black men dating white women is a huge hot button topic in the black community because of this concept that there are so many few good black men they don't want to see one go to a white woman. Personally, I say love is where you find it. Compatibility above all else. Why be with a black woman if there is a white women that fits you better? Anyhow, you said you are just dating so who knows where it will go but ultimately it's all about LOVE if you asked me.

  2. I agree with Fed Up.

    My sister is biracial (half black, half white) and my mom got some shit from black women when she was with my sister's father. It wasn't my sister's father's family that had the fact they loved my mom and me and my was his friends. Just like in your situation.

    Anyway, that was years and years ago as my sister is 19 now.

    But, yeah...who cares. If your family and friends don't care and his family doesn't care, then whatever. If you're happy then screw everyone else.

    Cute pic, BTW!!

  3. Love is wherever you find it, so screw his friends, lol! I'm in a similar situation, I'm black (Haitian & Cuban) and my boyfriend is white (Albanian & Greek). My parents and friends can care less, but his parents aren't happy about it. They're very traditional, and would prefer him to marry a girl from their culture. And I get stares and rude comments from other black men every now and then.

    It's definitely hard on both of us, but in spite of that, we've been together for 5 years now. It's difficult, but if you love him, don't let him go to keep other people happy. You guys look so cute together!

  4. You've got yourself a good man there, telltale sign is that he stands up to his friends for you. That speaks volumes.

    As someone biracial (black dad, white mom) it's been interesting at times. People can be racist no matter their skin colour, I say just roll with it and ignore the people who are against it/state your opinion and leave it at that. Sometimes people just need to outgrow their racism. Case and point one of my best friends (she is black) was always against dating white guys, and was very vocal about NOT wanting her brother to date non balck women. Fast forward 5 years and wouldn't you know she fell in love with a white man. I'm not justifying her attitude,(obviously as a biracial person I didn't agree) but she had to change heropinions on her own terms. and sometimes people don't change their minds (my bio grandfather is racist) and you need to have a thick skin.
    Sorry this was a novel!