Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i'm lacking will power.  i had planned to do another fast.  starting with dinner last night, and going to dinner today.  I entered all my calories in up to when i left work, and that was going to be it.  when I got home i dont know... i just, didn't stop eating.  I had pita and hummus, then went to my friend's house for a tv show and had a bit of lasagna, and some M&Ms.  Thankfully I passed on the wine!  So... I put the food in today's count (like.. 600 calories or something insane).. and I plan on liquid fasting til dinner (tea and coffee and powerade), but my boy-friend is coming over for dinner so I definitely have to eat.

well, one step at a time.  haven't had a chance to exercise, so I need to take this seriously.  just get through today, then we can think about tomorrow!!

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  1. i like the dinner to dinner fast idea. i might try that one. hope you can get that willpower back.