Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yesterday we went to dinner as a group at the hotel restaurant, and when I got back I just couldn't bring myself to do 30DS.  It was only 9pm, but I was exhausted.  The worst part was I didn't even sleep well.  I kept waking up for no reason.  Maybe it's my malaria medication?  I've heard it gives you really messed up dreams.

Anyway, I did Day 3 when i woke up, and I just finished Day 4 tonight... so I'm still on track.  I do only have 24 full days left here... so I was thinking maybe I should do a 27 day shred instead of 30.  I would do 9 days on level 1, 9 on level 2, and 9 on level 3.  The other option is to do 10, 10, and 7 (technically I could squeeze in another one on my last day, so 8).  Thoughts?

So, it looks like we wont be able to go to Taj Mahal.  This weekend and next weekend are the only ones we aren't in training, but we are falling behind, so I think next weekend might be a bust.  I hope thats not the case... I really want to go!!  This weekend we are having one of the HR girls take us shopping!!  I hope she doesnt mind "working" on a Saturday.  Ehh, we probably pay her to tote us around.

So.... more pictures:

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