Sunday, October 14, 2012


I want to fly first class for the rest of my life.  The ONLY bad part is that they give you food and alcohol nonstop.  Even when I slept through a meal, I woke up, asked for a soda, and received a snack too.  So lets just say the first day I didn't do so hot with my calories.

I've been here about 3 days- my hotel is absolutely beautiful.  Very high-end... but old.  They are doing renovations everywhere.  Yesterday I woke up from a nap to the smell of paint and had to request to move rooms.  The culture here is so different.  I'm not used to being waited on.  My doorbell rings every hour with someone bringing me fruit or chocolate or wanted to turn my bed down.  Its pretty amazing. 

The gym is amazing too.  Well.. I guess I wouldn't say amazing... it doesn't have the machines I'm used to, but they have touch screens and you can watch tv or play games or plug in your ipod and it will read your playlists for you.  Very neat.  I played sudoku today :)  Saturday/Sunday I did 400 calories on the elliptical type machine, which was about 50 minutes.  Saturday I then walked 2 miles, and Sunday I walked 1.

I was hoping to be more afraid of the food.  I know that sounds backwards... but my goal is to drop about 10 lbs while I'm here... and I've not been eating A LOT, but I've been trying all sorts of new stuff, which isn't helping my cause.  I am afraid of the water for sure... I got some in my nose in the shower and now I feel sickish.  Just have a sore through and need to blow my nose a lot.

Since I'm here for about 30 days.. I was thinking about starting the 30 day shred.  I wouldnt be able to fnish it, but I'd get pretty close.  I already did my workout for today, but maybe if I don't drink too much at dinner I can do that when I come home.  I don't have weights though... maybe water bottles will work?

Pouring down rain.  What a nice time for a nap

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