Thursday, October 25, 2012

Training for the India Service Center began today. I'm not doing any trainings, but observing and helping out as the presenters need me. Best part of my day was making table tents for name tags. I should be an admin... That's what I love to do.
I've been thinking about my job... I don't love it, but I think I must be good at it since I was flown across the world to do it.
Weight is going up... Shocking but not unexpected. If I didn't have to go to dinner every day I think it might be a different story... But I can't just skip. I'm going to try to say I want room service tonight and see if that's ok. Then I will eat a zone bar and have a good work out. Still doing Jillian michaels 30 day shred. Today I'm on day 3 of level 2. It is wayyyy harder than level 1... And I sort of feel bad about hopping around and bothering the person staying below me. I guess it's only 25 minutes.. So no big deal. Miranda said its awesome im sticking to this away from home. I think i could only do this away!! If I were at home, I'm be embarrassed if my roommate walked in on me. Silly, I know. On day 9 I remeasured and I am definitely smaller. Weight up, waist down??? Weird. Lets not pretend its muscle mass... 20 minutes a day isn't going to cause that. I need to get my eating under control... And maybe up my cardio. I was doing 400 cals of cardio before 30DS, but it's hard with the work load and timing. The other ppl in my group do the gym in the AM. first, I don't want to run into them, and it's the only time to talk to the boyfriend. I can do 20 minutes of shred, but the gym as well would be too much.
Speaking of boyfriend... I miss him. And I'm upset with him. We talk every morning, which is his night. And we are reading a book called "the five love languages." We read a few chapters each week and talk Thursday morning. I know he doesn't want to read it, but it's important to me to find out if our problems are just language barriers, or something deeper. Anyway, I called him this morning and he was asleep. He had a long day and fell asleep in the couch. Needless to say he hadn't read his chapters and didn't want to chat. When we hung up I cried. I felt abandoned. That might seem silly, a maybe it is... But it's the only time we get to talk and I had stayed up late to finish my reading, which didn't even matter.
Do I care more than he does? Or does he not understand what is important to me.... Not able to speak my love language?


  1. It's normal to gain a little weight during the shred and insanity ect.. the changes show howevery on your body, so if you see the changes in your waist you should focus on that and not the number.. I guess it's much easier said than done though..

    I might be misunderstanding this - but what do you mean with language barriers? Like the actual language or just the way you look at relationships ect?

    I have had a couple of long distance relationships and I know how it feels to feel abandoned. try to remember that they normally don't mean it the way we take it. he was probably just really tired and wasn't trying to hurt you or anything. but if it bothers you, or makes you upset, you should def. talk to him and let him explain.. Normally things make so much more sense when they explain how their "man brain" works! :)

  2. It's hard being in a different time zone then your SO. When hubby is out of the country and I am home it's hard to find time to talk. Neither one of us are phone people so we may not talk every day but we're both okay with that. I think you care more about the book then he does for sure-hopefully he'll come around and do it because you care and maybe it'll be easier when you get back.