Friday, September 21, 2012

Just recently discovered blogilates. I'm on my phone do I can't post a link but this girl named Cassey is amazing. She has a website, a YouTube channel, a clothing line, and posts very frequently. She has a slim down meal plan that I want to try... But I'm afraid to start because I always fail. I do like her YouTube videos... They are short and I'm able to do a few at a time. Super sore today from calf raises and candle dippers. Check out her song challenges for a good workout!!


  1. I hope you had some fun with your brother and that you enjoyed the concers.

    I have read Cassey's tumblr for a while :) she sure is amazing. here is the link incase you haven't seen her posts:

    Don't be afraid of failing.. If you wanna try the mean plan- then do it! It's better to try and see how it works for you - than regret not trying it!

    1. PS: I don't get your blog on my blog roll for some reason :S I'm gonna try to unfollow and follow - hopefully it fixes the problem