Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In Chicago for work... Catered breakfast and lunch yesterday... And I ate half a muffin and a burrito. Not good. And we hardly got up at all... My butt hurt!! After work I did go take a walk, I think it was about an hour, maybe a little less. That was nice. I'm sure I didn't burn a ton of calories but at least I didn't stay immobile the whole day. We had filet for dinner... I only are half of mine, but I did have two potatoes and a very large glass of wine. Today I'm going to have a zone bar for breakfast... Because I can't imagine anything catered in will be healthy.


  1. No wonder America is so fat. Why can't they have a couple healthy options? Not everyone wants to be a lard ass. That makes me so mad. And then, if you don't eat, everyone tries to make you feel like a freak for not wanting to expand your waist by 2 inches in one sitting.


  2. Ugg! I feel for you. It's so hard to eat right at work functions. I'm going to be in a similar boat but maybe a little worse-vacation!! Here's to having some damn willpower.