Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nothing to report.  I've been doing insanity or cardio at the gym every day, but I've been eating a ton of junk.  I hate that when it's sitting around, I put it into my mouth.  I know I'm not hungry, but I just cant stop.  At least today when dinner got brought in, I put some on my plate, I ate a bite of each thing, and then threw away the rest.  It wasn't that good, and it wasn't worth the calories.  Instead I had a banana and an avocado.  Way better than mac and cheese and pulled pork, right??

They are bringing in Baja Fresh tomorrow, and I looked on the menu to order the healthiest thing they had (chicken salad).  On Thursday they are bringing in chinese.  I opted not to order.  I will eat my zone bar.  Not worth it.

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