Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I just read in Women's Health about a study showing for each hour of television watched after age 25, your life expectancy goes down by 22 minutes!!! How do they figure this stuff out. At least I read it while I was on the elliptical! It was talking about sitting disease... Sitting all day is part of the American way... I'm sitting while I type this, I sit all day at work, when I eat, make phone calls, drive, everything! One thing the article also said is that sitting on fat cells can cause them to multiply! Gahhhh! Obviously now I am standing! I weighed in Monday morning and it wasn't pretty, so I buckled down and had a misto and a zone bar for breakfast an lunch. Went to happy hour with friends and had chips an guac... Not good, but still under budget calorie wise. I'm headed to work soon, and I plan on having a slim fast and a zone bar today. Gotta keep this up!!


  1. It's kind of impossible not to sit as much as I do. LOL


  2. Sitting on fat cells causes them to multiply? What a terrifying thought. Our whole culture is sit. How do we counteract that???

  3. WTF... I agree with Harlow.. Sitting on fat cells causes them to multiply?? That is HORRIBLE!!!!

    but I really do not understand.. how can they figure out stuff like that??