Sunday, August 26, 2012

I cannot even begin to explain to you what kind of crap I ate this weekend while BF was visiting with my family.  Its like I reverted to being a kid again and stuffed my face with food as if I would never see it again.  It was truely disgusting.  I wanted to show BF all the great things about the city I grew up in.  Namely.. the food.  I did work out every day... but the damage is definitely done.  Im going to wear jeans on the plane tomorrow that are a little too small as punishment to myself.  I also saw a blog posting of a huge pile of fruit.  It was so much and looked so good that I think i could have that for lunch every day for the rest of the week if I put my mind to making it.  I need to fast... I need to take adderall every day like my doctor tells me, and use it for the good of my growing thighs.Today I feel like my legs are the size of a fat persons legs... how depressing.  Anyway.  I'll be good this week. 


  1. I would have done the same thing, believe me. It's so hard to resist good food when you are in "vacation" mode.

    Just start again and look forward.


  2. Uggg! That's the worst. It's like someone else takes over your body and the next thing you know you have gorged yourself. Sigh. You can get back on track! Then you will feel much better.

  3. aww :( I hope you had some fun too..

    I read somewhere that it's called the "last meal syndrome" .. thats when we go on a "oh I can this and that ect and start over again tomorrow/on Monday" ..