Thursday, May 24, 2012

HIIT and low carb day 4

My 2nd HIIT session today. I was so close to not doing it because I pulled a muscle in my groin during spin class yesterday... Not sure how that's possible. Today was 90 seconds of sprinting at 70%. I'm kind of taking the approach that 20% would be walking slowly at 2mph, 50% would be jogging at 5mph, etc, so I ran at 7... Which is not exactly a sprint. In fact, it's really not that fast at all. But hey, I sweat and I was tired, so it works for me.
I've been sticking with the diet... But can someone explain to me net carbs? I did some research and I understand how they are calculated, but when you count carbs, which number do you use? Ive been counting regular, and today I had stirfry for lunch, which pushed me up to 90gr. I didn't have rice or noodles, and I can't imagine veggies would increase your blood sugar significantly but I'm just not educated on the subject. Down to 146.7 this morning. Looking forward to being in the 130s soon.


  1. K - net carbs are the total grams of carbs in any given food, like you'd see on a nutrition label, minus the grams of fiber. Fiber doesn't spike your blood sugar and helps you digest food slower, so it doesn't count as a carb when you're eating low carb. (Or ever.)

    I've been doing low carb for 3.5 years. Some times more successfully than others.....I love it and would be happy to answer any questions you have.


  2. What Elle May said. Net carbs are total carbs minus the fiber. :) Counting net carbs will give you a bigger food budget but it can be a tad confusing to start with.

    You should look up the recipes on the Atkins site.. If I don't remember it wrong the recipes will have the numbers are already calculated - which makes things easier.

  3. PS: gz on the 146.7 - 130's aren' that far away ^^