Monday, May 28, 2012

HIIT and memorial day weekend

At the pool right now, enjoying my Monday off! I just completed my 3rd HIIT run (2 per week) of 60 seconds running at 9mph 9 times. I definitely thought I would throw up about half way through. My legs are burning right now, but I guess that's the point of high intensity exercises! I really want to go to my favorite spin class tonight, but I may be too tired.
I've gained back about a half a pound this weekend not eating low carb, but that's not a big deal, and I'm back on the bandwagon this week. Obviously it's not as effective for any diet to break on the weekend, but will it be a big deal for low carb since ketone levels will change? Maybe I need to do some research instead of just asking questions.
I am up for a new job at work and just had one of my bosses tell me it would be a huge career mistake to take it. I've heard her give this speech to other ppl she doesn't want to lose. She made some good points, and while she was talking I agreed with her, but actually thinking about it, I would love this job, and be good at it, and I'm young enough to try something new. I'm definitely taking the job if I get it.


  1. good luck with the possible new job.

    Do your knees hurt when you run? I find that HIIT kills my knees but I know it has great results. How do you keep your knees from hurting (if you have problems with that). Keep up the great work!

  2. definitely do the job if u want it! HIIT is sooooo good for fat burning! even if ur not losing weight on the scale I'm sure ur body fat % is definitely going down:) give ur legs a good long stretch and relax by taking a bath or something else pampering:) ur legs deserve it! stay strong<3