Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Low Carb day 2 and a rant

I ate pretty much the same thing today as yesterday. Chicken Salad, almonds, chicken parm and spaghetti squash. I also had sausage for breakfast... Yum I really wanted some cookies, but hopefully the sweets cravings will go away soon.
Now to the rant. My boyfriend is being an ass. We have a wedding for a good friend of his next weekend. He was iffy about whether I should come because I won't know anyone... Or maybe because he wants to spend time with friends. Either way, he finally decided he would like me to come, but said he was thinking about hanging out with his buddies after the reception. So, I made plans to see a girlfriend afterwards, and now he's so mad because.... I don't know why... Because he doesn't have concrete plans and if it falls through I'll be having fun and he will be alone?? So I said fine, I'll cancel, but then I expect that you won't have plans afterwards. Haha he couldn't agree to that. What is wrong with people!!! Selfish. Surely it was just a bad day. I will talk to him tomorrow and I hope he will apologize.


  1. Yeah, he still wants you as the fall back plan in case things don't pan out with his plans. I like your comeback that if you cancel then he better not have plans. I love weddings! Thanks for the explanation on HIIT. Hope it's going well.

  2. I'm interested to hear about your experience with the low carb diet. I've been thinking about it for a while.

    Huh, that doesn't really make sense of him . . . Hopefully he'll come around. If he has set plans, you can have set plans too. That's only fair!

    Take care! <3

  3. Ugh.. Boys will be boys.. Sometimes it would be soo much easier if they could just say what they actually want..

    I think you should keep your plans..