Saturday, May 12, 2012

i am drunk so no one should listen to me....
firstly... when someone comes over to visit your cat when you're out of town and uses your computer and doesn't log off... are you entitled to go through their e-mail?  i feel like you are.  not that there was anything bad.. just that i feel like they are giving you permission.  i have my computer unlocked, but you can't log in as me without entering a master password that is different than all my other passwords... thats why i have no problem with anyone using my computer while I'm not around.

secondly... i haven't blogged in forever because I have been in Australia on vacation!  during which time, i gained back all the weight I lost during my 2 weeks of low carb.  I flew back today, and was planning to fast the entire day, but it didnt happen, and my boyfriend left me a bottle of wine in my fridge, and I guess because of the time change a glass didnt put me to sleep, and before i knew it i had almost finished it all!!

but.. I have had fun on vacation eating chips and candy and lots of alcohol, and now the dedication to my  body begins.  Has anyone done HIIT?  That is what I think I'm going to focus on, unless anyone has better suggestions.

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  1. welcome back - it sounds like you had a good vacation though :)

    I did try some of Rusty Moore's HIIT program.. It makes you wish you were dead - but it gives results really fast..