Tuesday, October 4, 2011

i have my period :(  i hate hate hate hate hate this feeling.  hey, at least i'm not pregnant, right?
SO.... remember how I've been super whiney about my boyfriend not loving me anymore?  Obviously all in my head.... look at what he bought me--- JUST BECAUSE!  I guess I can't expect to have a guy who shows his love in the way a female shows her love... but this is pretty darn good.  He is out of town this week, so I'm taking advantage of that with my eating.  Yesterday, I ate very healthy except for a few twizzlers, and went to cycle class.  I ended up at a 1,000 deficit.  I'm considering doing only fruits and vegetables today + liquids.  I think that sounds like a good idea.  I have lots of veggies that I need to eat, and I missed the gym today because I stayed up too late.
My weight isnt going down just yet... but maybe that has to do with the period.  My goal by the end of December is 134 lbs.
Last time I weighed myself, I was 150.  That is 16 lbs. 3 months.  5 lbs a month.  Doable?  Maybe if I take it seriously this time....

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  1. Pretty watch! Ha, isn't it funny how we can concoct all kinds of things in our heads for no reason at all. I do the same thing. What if he's stopped loving me??? But clearly he does. Good luck with the diet while BF is out of town plan. I do the same thing. It's like here's my chance!!