Sunday, October 30, 2011

gym on friday, saturday, and a 5 mile walk tonight to help make the weekend festivities do less damage.  Friday night was a chinese and wine night bitching about boyfriends, saturday was a big halloween party, and today was a date with the boyfriend with pizza for lunch, and then dinner with a girlfriend who made chicken tacos.
I don't know that I had a deficit any of the days this weekend, but I did much better than last weekend, for sure.  Saturday night was a huge crazy party and I was good with the alcohol intake.  I was definitely the most sober one in our group, and ended up taking care of two blackout friends.  Gotta love those nights.  Honestly... I think we're a little too old to be having those nights in the first place.
I bought breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire week.  Yogurt and Cereal for breakfast, Soup for lunch, and high protein pancakes (egg white, rolled oats, and cottage cheese).  I have the gym on my calendar for Monday and Wednesday for sure... and at this point I know I'm going to a movie Tuesday night, so that may need to be my day off.  I'll make sure I update my weight sometime soon.


  1. At least you have the energy to party. Might as well live it up while you still do. Me...I'm a fuddy duddy. Not too much partying going on.

  2. How are you doing? I hope you had a good week... Miranda is right, it's good that you have the energy to be social - enjoy it while it lasts and you just want to stay cuddled inside with your cat, like me!