Wednesday, July 27, 2011

i was going to write a nice little blog post but instead i got sucked into words with friends.  has anyone ever played that??  i have like 17 games going at once.  anyway... quick update.  did i tell you i worked an 82 hour week?  how is that possible, you ask?  it is not... but with the help of Mr. Ritalin, i did it.  somehow.  and i didn't cry, which is pretty much amazing.  i'm obviously slacking on exercise, due to said workload... but i think i'm on the right track.  i am currently at 143.  i am hoping to lose 9 lbs by September 15th, the end of busy season.  usually people gain weight during busy season, but I am determined to lose it!  the calorie counter says i shouldn't get to that low until October 2nd.  i guess that would be fine too... but I'm going to try.  i need to make it a priority to exercise regularly during this time of year.  that can be hard.

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