Friday, July 8, 2011

I had planned to do a fast 5 when i got home yesterday and all of today, in preparation for my date tonight.. but after work I went to the gym and hopped on the treadmill  I ran for 27 minutes... pretty slow, but at least I did it.  When I got home, I don't know why I ate.  At least I ate healthy... pita chips and hummus.  Well... sort of healthy!!  So now I'm torn between not even doing the Fast 5 today. Hmm not sure.

I got a prescription for ritalin yesterday.  Does anyone know much about this?  It's extended release, so I heard its not great for "loss of appetite" side effects... Although I really need it to work, so that would just be an added bonus

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  1. I was recently put on Dexamphetamine, which is similar to Ritalin [Methylphenidate] & both are used to treat ADD/ADHD.

    It has reduced my appetite but it kind of sucks because come night time when the drugs wear off [so you can sleep], I tend to binge because it's like a wave of hunger. Having a large, healthy breakfast really helps.

    I have a second appointment with my psychiatrist on Monday & I think he's going to put me on a slow release form of the drug so I don't have to take pills during the day. I don't want the appetite loss to go away though! Or the lovely high they give :D

    Good luck, tell us how they go xx