Thursday, February 10, 2011

in the last wee when i wasn't looking.. i somehow gained a few pounds and am back up to 145.  UGH.  I have been watching myself from the outside.  Instead of NOT eating during stressful periods, this week I've been reaching for candy one of the partners keeps in his office.  BAD idea.  I notice when I eat a bigger breakfast I am less likely to binge eat during work.  Must keep that in mind.

Having a party today.  The theme:  Don't fall in love, fall off a bridge, it hurts less.  Girls, male bashing, delicious food, movie about how love sucks, etc.  Sure to be a good time.  I've hosted this for many years, and we always enjoy ourselves!


  1. Sounds fun!
    Don't worry about gaining a few just think now you get to loose them woo!

  2. Oh, that party sounds amazing! I love that love/Valentine's day attitude! (:
    Have fun!

    ~ Meg