Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Relationship Disaster

lucky me... I broke up with the guy I was dating.. YESTERDAY.  For the best, I know this.. but I hate when things end badly, dont you?? 

Why can't we all be adults and not scream and fight.. just take things for what they are.  No middle school shouting and name calling and hang-ups.  Although ya know... it sort of makes it easier to end, just because you see what that person is like angry. 
Anyway.. I'm not saying there is no fault of mine in this relationship disaster, but at least I tried to handle it like the 24 year old I am.. where as he handled it like a 31 year old child.

So, what shall I do today instead?  How about WORK, and then WORK OUT.  Can't snag my next guy if I'm not in tip top shape

(technically I've already snagged my next guy, but I just don't really want to sound like the whore I am...).

1 comment:

  1. "Technically I've already snagged my next guy" hilarious! I think that is quite common with long distance relationships!