Thursday, October 7, 2010

Liquid fasting.. not a success.  :(
BUT I ate only 900 calories yesterday before I called it a night.. that's like, a record for me.
2 cups of coffee (one misto, one regular),  half a turkey sandwich, berries, string cheese, a handful of popcorn and a handful of pirates booty.
THEN.... I chose to get in bed and turn on Bones.. and I HAD to have the macaroni casserole in my fridge.  I'll say 200 ish.  And I'm counting it in todays food.
I havent decided if I'll try to go liquid again.  I find it very difficult, but I know that nothing worth having is easy.


  1. that cal total isn't too bad, personally i find liquid fasting easier than restricting but everyones different, do what works for you :)

  2. 900 isn't terribly bad, I could be a lot worst. I hate liquid fasts, I always find the temptations so tempting lol

  3. I agree that you did well. The only way I can liquid fast is to think constantly "Okay, if I could manage to do this X days, I'd be at my goal weight, am I really going to throw that away?" and then also NOT think about food at all.

    So as you can see, the 2nd part is quite difficult haha :)