Sunday, October 10, 2010

as an accountant... i like to do calculations.

In the month of October, I would like to lose 5 lbs

3,500 calories/lb * 5 lbs = 17,500 calorie deficit total.

Deficit October 1- October 9 = 2,389 (avg 265 deficit/day)

17,500-2389 = 15,111 left to deficit October 10- October 31

15,111/21 days = 720 calorie deficit/ day to reach my goal

So... I really need to step it up.
If I don't exercise, I can eat approximately 1,000 calories each day to make this goal.  Basically, that means I need to exercise every day, because I really don't see that happening for me.  I mean, it's definitely possible.. but I really SHOULD be exercising every day anyway.  And work is SUPPOSED to slow down for me now.  We'll see about that.

I'm going to think through how to make this happen.  Any suggestions would be appreciated


  1. i just started exercising again after like.. a year maybe? of being utterly sedentary. i LOVE zumba classes, you go to like three & you know all the steps & your fitness levels sky rocket. it's fun being in the class setting but with no one putting any pressure on you. it's mostly middle aged mums, so nothing too intimidating.

    also swimming is pretty great if you're into it. find something you like. i fucking detest jogging, but it gets easier every time you do it.

    xx sarah

  2. I need to get to the gym :( I never lose weight unless I'm going, it really makes such a difference. Your numbers thing is exactly how I think about it too, and when I go to the gym I usually burn about 600, so I could eat a normal day's calories and still lose weight... sigh.

    I need to get off my butt!!!

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