Thursday, October 14, 2010

im just having one of those days when nothing would be better than laying here in bed the entire day.  I have way too much to do today.. I am tired and I feel gross from all the food I have been forcing down.  So many recruiting dinners and lunches for the college kids we want to hire.  I have been trying to eat healthy.. salads with no dressing etc.. but then we have situations where its a fixed menu and there is nothing i can do but eat.  Luckily I have been wise enough the past few days to come home and exercise some of the calories off.  If I wasn't going to the gym I would be gaining weight for sure.  I need to eat more like 1,000 calories.. not 1,900!!! I've been keeping track of my deficit.. its just not ENOUGH.  Even if I were to exercise like crazy, I'd probably eat like crazy too.  UGH.

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