Sunday, March 9, 2014

Small victory to share... I ran a 5k today without stopping!!!! It was a race I did last year so I was familiar with the  course. I was nervous because there is a big hill in the middle, but I powered through and finished in a little less than 32 minutes! It's not my fastest ever, but it's my first without stopping at all.  
Boyfriend ran it 5+ minutes faster than me. He is great!!


  1. omg good job! Proud of u girl! <3 i used to run cross country so i know how hard it is! especially those hills omg. and btw. u look amazing!!!!

  2. Yaay you :)

    Ps: how the h.. can you run a nonestop 5k and still look cute at the end ?? lol
    Pss: Loving your bf's t-shirt ^^

  3. Congratulations! That's awesome! You look adorable and your boyfriend's shirt is brilliant.

  4. Big victory!! Congrats. I agree with your BF's T shirt. My husband would totally get a kick out of that one too.